March thru July 2020

March 15 2020 We say farewell to Zihuatanejo to begin our journey north towards our summer home, Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay. Not knowing what to make of the Covid situation, and believing it would only be weeks or maybe a couple months for things to blow over. We kept to our “plan” to slowly make our way north. We anchored at Isla Grande, along with what seemed like half the cruisers that were in Zihua last week. Anchoring out away from the protection of the small cove made for uncomfortable nights rolling in the north swell. We decided to leave just after midnight the third night there to make Caleta de Campos in daylight the following day. After spending another night rolling in the swell we depart for Cabeza Negra at first light. SV “Freeluff” a Fountaine Pajot catamaran with Randy and Jody onboard were also in the anchorage and motor sailed north with us as well. Getting to Cabeza Negra at dusk with a fairly large north swell made it a bad choice to anchor. Deciding to do an all night motor sail to Las Hades was the prudent choice. Of course the swell and wind started to pick up right on the nose. We turn on the new B&G radar for the first time this season and it decides to look like a TV station that signed off for the night. The course to Manzanillo Bay, “Las Hades” is very busy with large cargo ships, 1000ft tankers as well as many many fishing trawlers. We motor sailed using the AIS to locate most of the ship traffic and kept a diligent watch in the washing machine conditions. We anchored off Las Hades for a few days to provision in a supermarket, the last before we get to PV in June. Covid hysteria is in full swing now. With the government rules and regulations evolving daily. Continuing north we stop at Santiago Bay. It was there while having lunch on the beach that a juvenile swordfish was swimming in the small surf just off the beach. A few of locals waded out and grabbed the fish, dragging it to shore, fish tacos for all ! The following day we met we met Kelly and Jay from SV “Jo” at the Oasis for lunch on the beach. Our last beach palapa meal in 2020. The next day all restaurants were ordered to close, all beaches were patrolled and no one was allowed on them. We continued north to Barra the next morning.

April thru May 2020

We decided to go into Barra to top up the fuel tanks, get the bottom cleaned, boat washed and fresh vegetables before heading somewhere to sit it out, while this Corona Virus thing plays out. The vibe in the marina was a little strange. Reactions from some of the people were probably similar to everywhere else in the world, lots of uninformed opinions and overreactions. We provisioned and checked in and out of Barra with the port captain and left to anchor in Tenacatita. We stayed there for the rest of April and most of May. The Government issued an order that closed all unnecessary businesses, including La Vina, the only palapa restaurant here. The beaches were also closed by order of the Governor. Only grocery stores were allowed to remain open with many restrictions.

There were probably a dozen boats anchored in Tenacatita while we were “Self Quarantined” We all pretty much kept to ourselves. We walked the beach a few times a week, when the patrols were absent. Randy on SV “Freeluff “organized a dinghy race, we made a few trips to Manzanilla for food and booze. Unfortunately in May the red tide moves into the coves making water play not so fun. We were having fun in the galley though, baking, making pizza, bread etc. Of course our Tequila consumption was probably kicked up a notch as well.

Towards the end of May we head back to Bandaras Bay. Our next post will take us through the end of 2020. Soon to be published. Hopefully we can get the blog caught up to the present in the next couple weeks. We have fun “plans” for the 22-23 season we want to share.


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