We put into Paradise Marina for the summer, a completely different experience from last year. We get our temperature taken and were told that anywhere on hotel-marina grounds masks are mandatory. The hotel was completely closed, no pools were available. Everything in the Paradise mall was closed except the grocery store. Things slowly moved onto the new covid norm. Limited availability of stores and services . Towards the end of summer things started to get better, more stores and restaurant’s reopened. Masks and sanitary gel were mandatory everywhere as well as your temperature taken to enter any building. Seemed reasonable considering the availability of hospital facilities in the region. We finally got our appointment at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles to get our Permanent resident visas. The visa enables us to be legally in Mexico for as long as we want. We were here on tourist visas for the first 2 years. Maximum stay is up to 180 days at a time as a tourist. We flew back to So-Cal for our appointment at the Mexican consulate. After a quick visit with friends and family we head back to Namahana to complete the many projects and repairs going on before we leave the marina.

In October we move to La Cruz yard and get the bottom painted, spend the week at La Cruz Inn. Then Back to Paradise to finish up projects and wait for Seans visit.



Like I was told many years ago from my cruising mentor ” tormenter” Bob Bitchin. One definition of cruising is “repairing your boat in strange and exotic places”. Of course he was right. The windlass was repaired, water maker membrane resealed, AC unit freon leak fixed etc etc etc. We added a second chart B&G chart plotter, changed the old AGM batteries out with 1000ah of Lifepo4 Lithium batteries. Also adding 1 1/4 ” stainless railing to replace the top lifeline wire. Making going forward on Namahana much safer. Installed a soft start to the aft AC unit to be able to run on battery power through the inverter a few hours a day. Having Lifepo4 Lithium give us that option. They were a complete game changer for us.

After Seans visit in November we went into La Cruz marina to have the windlass repaired. Unfortunately while there one evening I suffered an eye stroke in my right eye. Losing sight in my right eye. We spent the next weeks in and out of doctors offices. Trying to figure out why I had the eye stroke. Still not sure what caused the stroke. It has been quite an adjustment for us. Im on recommended meds and will continue to cruise. Pirate style, with an eye patch ARRRG. One more blog after this one about our 2021 Sea of Cortez adventure and we will be caught up to 2022. Cheers

Curt And Jill



  1. WoW! Didn’t know about the eye stroke! Nor all the fixin’ up either. Glad you got the cards from the Mexican gov tho. Looking forward to the next edition!


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