Heres a brief semi accurate timeline of Namahana and Crew ongoings the past 3 years, July 6 2019 was our last entry so we will start with what we can remember about for July 2019 thru March 2020

July thru October 2019

We spent our first summer in Paradise Village Marina. We met and reunited with many cruisers we befriended our first season on the mainland. We very much enjoyed our first summer there, probably the best run marina we’ve encountered anywhere. We kept busy with the many boat projects planned and of course the repairs that find their way onto the “List” during the winter on the hook. Jill started a Water Aerobics class in one of the pools that became quite popular with the cruisers. We had Pot Luck get togethers weekly, always a great way to meet new friends. Explored the culinary offerings from San Pancho to Puerto Vallarta. Made a few road trips, Moscato, San Sebastian, San Pancho, etc. Going to the beach in front of the resort before first light was another highlight of the summer. We were able to experience the Tortugas digging and laying their eggs. About 40 days later we would again head to the beach to find the Turtle hatchlings digging their way out of those nests. They needed to find their way to the Surfline by following the full moon before the sun came up. The stragglers became a buffet for the birds unfortunately. We even were invited to a Mexican wedding. A 4 day incredible event, And I did get one round of golf in that summer. All in all our first summer was an awesome experience.

The Resort
Pot luck BBQ Pulpo

Jills Water Aerobics class
September 15 Mexico Independence celebration

One of our many restaurant adventures

Hatchlings exiting the nest

El Tigre Golf
Rick and Karen of Avalon our partners in crime !
One of our road trips

Tequila Tasting

November 2019 thru January 2020

November 2019 we leave the Paradise Marina to head south for the cruising season. Slowly making our way back to the Barra de Navidad area . With stops at some of our favorite anchorages. Punta Ipala, Chamala, Paradisio, then Tennicatita for Thanksgiving on Namahana.

Christmas in Barra de Navidad 2019

We make it to Barra for the month of December to welcome Sean and Dylan back to explore the area for a couple weeks. We anchored in Tennicatita, ran the dinghy up the estuary to see Pancho at his Raicilla (local Mescal) distillery, a highlight of the trip for the boys, It was a great visit in a wonderful place. We spent the rest of January between Tennicatita and Barra.


Sailing south from Barra de Navidad heading to Zihua we anchor in Las Hades on the north end of Manzanillo Bay and spend time exploring the Manzanillo area. A industrial port full of cargo ships, tankers and fishing trawlers. The city is not a tourist destination, no cruise ships etc. We did find a fun Mescal Bar and reprovisioned at the 2 story open air market in downtown Manzanillo. The resort itself is beautiful but now an all-inclusive facility and not really cruiser friendly. We spent a week anchored here in 1996 and used the pools, played beach volley ball etc. We were not as welcome in 2020.

Leaving south towards Zihua we anchor in Cabeza Negra, Caleta de Campos and finally Isla Grande (Isla Ixtapa), an island 8 miles from Zihua off the beach of Ixtapa. Anchoring at the island a few days before heading into Zihua for a month of music, carnival and good old fashion debauchery. Yes that deer is eating a tortilla chip out of Jills mouth.


We arrive in Zhiuatanejo just in time for our anniversary, anchoring off Playa Ropa ready to explore the town for the first time since 1996. We stayed here for 6 weeks back then, and were anxious to see what had changed. Not much actually. Still a semi sleepy village. Although for the next 2 weeks it comes alive with The International Guitar Festival. It is an event that draws world class guitarist from all over the world playing many different genres. The artists all play a couple songs the first night at a venue set up near the beach. Allowing us to listen to and reserve entrance to various restaurants around town where they will do a dinner set. We went to several and enjoyed every one. Kathy and Mac flew down and joined us and were able to attend a few dinner shows. Good Fun.

Luckily we happened to be in town for the 4th annual Mescal parade. The parade moved around the village tasting the artisanal Mescals offered in the state of Guerrero. Jill was asked to be a banner holder in the parade for one of the Mescal brands involved. Fun times. By now it is the middle of March 2020 and time for the annual Zhiuatanejo Carnaval-Parade complete with floats, bands, costumed youngsters, bead throwing. Not quite the Rose Parade but the same energy.

Then it happened ! The day the music stopped, and everything else in the world. No more Parades, no more restaurants, no more happy hours in the anchorages The Corona Virus Pandemic, later to be called ” Covid 19 ” was upon us all. This is where this long overdue blog entry will end, We had so many more experiences during these first 3 months of 2020. Too many to remember. The next entry will show how we spent those first few months of the worldwide pandemic.


  1. So glad to hear of your wonderful antics. Hard to believe you have been at it this long. So happy for you. Obviously, cruising life agrees with you. You both look amazing. Martha


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