Barra De Navidad

We sailed down the coast from Tennicatita 15 miles to Barra De Navidad Marina Resort, which will be our base for the next couple months. Barra is a very popular stop over for most cruising boats sailing the pacific gold coast. With the Lagoon Anchorage large enough to fit many boats in a completely protected bay. The beautiful Grand Bahia Hotel sits just adjacent to the lagoon with a nice marina attached. A stay in the marina affords you the full compliments of the Hotel, including “of course” the swim up bar at the main pool. The Aquatica Taxi (ponga) will pick you up at your boat either at the slip or anchored in the Lagoon for 35 pesos and bring you to the small Mexican village of Navidad where you can find great restaurants, fresh produce and tasty naturally grown beef, poultry and of course seafood as fresh as if you caught it.

From Barra we are able to sail to some of our favorite coves in a couple of hours, Tennicatita, Carrizal, Santiago Bay, and Las Hades. With just a short sail back to Barra to re-provision and head back out. For the month of May we decided to take a slip in the marina and take advantage of the “Summer Rates”. Very reasonable rates in the off season. We will be heading back to Banderas Bays in June to spend the summer in Nuevo Vallarta’s Paradise Village Marina. Our intention is to do some road trips and see some of the interior wonders of Mexico. Copper Canyon. City of Tequila, etc. If anyone is interested in joining us this summer on our Mexico travels let us know. We have no schedule so if your interested in a interior Mexico adventure, or just spending time in Paradise Village just get in touch. Cheersimg_3662

Namahana in Grand Bahia Navidad Marina
Barra De Navidad across the channal
Beautiful hotel poolside
Stocking the freezer with fresh meat and shrimp
Farmers Market bounty
Pancho serving Raicilla out of oak barrels
Raicilla Distillery
Fun Road trip to a Raicilla distillery
Jill & Terry with Pancho
Had a great visit from Gary and Ginger


The Lagoon at Barra



  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time!! No Corona virus down there? This is a nightmare back here in the South Bay! Hope you guys continue with good health and good times!!


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