The Mexico Golden Coast

After a few delays “Boat Repairs” we finally left La Cruz Marina for probably everybody’s favorite 150 miles of coastline on the pacific. The “Plan” was to leave Banderas Bay right after the Boys went home. NOT !

Machine shop in La Cruz
Repairing the main roller furling gearbox

After having the gearbox repaired for the electric part of the furling in La Paz. It failed to work properly and needed modifications. Found a small machine shop in La Cruz to do the job.

Manual gearbox

Of course the manual part of the main furler failed as well. Murphy’s Law.It was not repairable. We had to get a new one sent from the east coast to Puerto Vallarta. Another week waiting for parts

Circulating coolant pump
Circulating coolant pump

As things go in threes it seems, while in La Cruz doing routine  maintenance  on the main engine I found the bearings loose on the coolant pump, seeping coolant. Of course it was the only pump I failed to bring a spare aboard. No parts to rebuild, so another delay in La Cruz waiting for parts!! It has been said that much of cruising is fixing your boat in strange and exotic places. So true. Can not complain about being “stuck” in La Cruz waiting for parts. We really enjoy the town as well as the friendly people there.

We finally set sail out of Banderas Bay to a show of whales whales whales ! We stop the first night in Punta Ipala. Then sail down to Chamala to spend some time swimming,  beach combing , and eating the fresh seafood at the Palapas on the beach. The 2 plus weeks in a marina made being on the hook that much more a pleasure. Lots of reading and relaxing was in order.

2019 mx 060
Ipala Anchorage

2019 mx 115

2019 mx 112

2019 mx 070

Our next stop will be Ternicatita, one of our favorite spots the last time down, we are hopeing it has not changed much in the 22 years since anchoring there. It did not disappoint, the dinghy ride up the estuary was awesome. The beach still had only a couple Palapa Resturants. The water was warm and tourquoise. Sweet !!


The adventure will continue to Barra De Navidad with our next post.


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