The Boys visit us in Bandaris Bay

Sean and Dylan were forced to leave the rainy weather in Redondo and begrudgingly flew down to Puerto Vallerta Airport to join us for a week of 80′ weather and water. We spent 2 days in Paridese Village Marina before setting off on our adventure. While there we, spent a morning dingying up the estuary as well as indulging on the pleasures of staying in a world class resort

Dylan in the water 30 min after landing
Listening to the music in Paradise Marina
Crocodile in the estuary

We then sailed over to the south side of the bay to Yalapa, a small village where we will spend the day and then sail to La Cruz to anchor for the night.




walkway to a waterfall


We leave La Cruz anchorage and sail to Playa Chacala. We have become very fond of this anchorage just 30 miles north of Punta Mita .

Chacala Toast
Comeda ?
Sunset in Chacala



After a couple of days in Chacala we head back to Marina La Cruz to hang out with the boys in another of our favorite spots. We do a quick road trip to Bucurais for lunch and souvenir shopping  then unfortunately Dylan and Sean have to fly home. We had probably the best family time I can remember and can’t wait to get them down again.

Sunset in Marina La Cruz
Image-1 (2)
Lava Bowl in La Cruz Yummm

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