The New Year brings Larry to La Paz  to explore the Sea of Cortez and make the crossing to the mainland of  Mexico. Our intention was to sail the islands here around La Paz for a few days then cross over to Mazatlan. Mother nature was not agreeable. Strong Northerlies were predicted to steamroll down the Sea of Cortez in a couple days. Bringing high winds and rough seas. But if we leave tomorrow flat seas and a nice comfortable south crossing. Tomorrow it is! Change of plans are fairly common for us, weather is the controller of our journey. We leave Palmira Marina just after lunch for the 48 hour trip to Isla Isabel. Then on to Bandaras Bay, we decided to skip Mazatlan this trip down. The sail to Isabel was a motor in flat seas and zero winds. Perfect whale watching weather. The whales did not disappoint, they were everywhere for 46 hours.

Dinner out with Larry  on his first night in La Paz


We pull into the anchorage on the south side of Isle Isabel and anchor. Drop the dinghy in and go ashore . It is always nice to walk around on land after a few days at sea. Get the blood flowing in the legs again.  Known as the Galapagos of Mexico Isle Isabel is very remote, the inhabitants, birds and Iguanas, are not bothered by our presence. We are not predators to them so they are easy to get a close look at. Very cool! After our walkabout on the island we get back to the boat for sundowners( homemade Margarita’s) just in time to witness  a mother and baby humpback breach. They came into the bay not 50 feet from the boat slapping tails, diving then full breach. Crazy!

Namahana anchored off Isle Isabel


Amazing sunset gift, They played for several minutes


The following morning we set off to Chacala, the quintessential anchorage. clear blue waters, and white sandy beach, surrounded by tropical lush mountains. Palapa restaurants line the beach. Nothing like having a cold cerveza and fresh seafood under a palm thatched roof on the beach. We spend a few days here then set off to Banderas Bay and the village of La Cruz  in time for Jill’s  Birthday. We will stay in Marina La Cruz for a week before we head out to explore the bay.img_3446

Gotta Love Mexico!



  1. Great story telling! I love living your adventures through your words! Hope Jill’s (Gill’s) birthday was fantastic! You both look so relaxed and happy! Miss you – but happy you are living the life!


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