It is easy to understand why so many cruisers get to La Paz and have a hard time pulling the anchor to leave. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of North Americans in the marinas and anchored in the vast La Paz anchorage.  Isla  Espritu Santos  and Partida are a couple of hours sail with incredible little bays not touched by the hand of man. The water was as clear as glass with every species of tropical fish you could imagine. In the evening there are visits from sea turtles popping there heads out to have a look at what was invading there cove. A occasional Mantis flying out of the water giving you a show you’ll never forget. We spent a week in the coves from Christmas to New Years. Back to Marina Palmira for some repairs and provisioning for our next adventure, across to the mainland to Banderas Bay. We will return to La Paz later in the year when the temperature of the water is closer to the 80’s we prefer.

We watched this painting in progress ,It was painted with a roller on a long stick





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  1. Happy New Year! Looks like the New Year is off to a great start! Love the pictures! I’m enjoying your journey! Haha! Wishing you smooth sailing!


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