Saturday November 17.

At dawn we leave Ensenada with a perfect weather prediction , of course 2 hours into the journey, approaching a point of land the wind starts building , OK i got this, shorten sail. Easy peasey   By the time the wind cranked up to 40 knots we  were down to a handkerchief mainsail. Motor sailing  down to our first anchorage, Punta Colonett. The following morning  to Bahia San Quintin. Both anchorages were like  sitting on the mooring in Cherry Cove, flat seas with a gentle breeze.  We decided to do our first over niter to Turtle Bay. Just as I remember Turtle was very underwhelming. We got a good nights sleep and headed out the next morning. Continuing to harbor hop down the coast to  Bahia San Juanico. Surfers know it as Scorpion Bay. What a great Mexican village with a little american influence. It is our new favorite spot on the pacific baja.

Dawn Departure from Ensenada
Namahana anchored out in Bahia San Juanico
Dodging Turtles
Whales everywhere


Nice little “bluefin” tuna I think
Ahi Sashimi and poke


  1. So happy for you! Living vicariously thru your wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing! Happy trails and sweet sails!


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