Final leg to the Cape

We leave Bahia Magdalena at dawn for our final 160 miles on the Pacific Baja.  Conditions were very favorable with  light winds and  long 3 foot swells off our stern. This part of the Baja can be a rough and windy ride. we got lucky .Rounding Cabo Falso to another perfect morning. Beautiful sunrise, whales, and maybe 100 sport boats leaving Cabo San Lucas for the morning bite. We decide to bypass Cabo and go the 20 miles around the Cape to San Jose Del Cabo. We enjoy being in  the Puerto Los Cabos marina.Great little restaurants and close to town. A nice change from Cabo. The first night we took the 12 peso bus into town, What fun, they had an art show in the town square  with traditional Mexican dancers randomly dancing throughout town. Saturday our good friend Sheila and sidekick Mary were are first visitors from home. We were honored to be able to fulfill one of Deans requests that his ashes be spread on the Gordo Bank that he  loved to fish on for so many years. We also had a nice visit with Mike at Roadhouse” former Latitude 22″in Cabo. Tomorrow we will be working our way up the Sea Of Cortez to La Paz Where we will be thru the new year.

The Arches ,Cabo San Lucas
Street Dancers


Puerto Los Cabos


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