Ensenada Mexico

After a few days in San Diego waiting for the strong santa ana winds to subside we set off at dawn for Ensenada. We hoist the Mexican courtesy flag crossing the international border with excitement.  With calm seas we watch the sunrise and motor sail south. A couple of hours out the wind moved off shore and started to build. For 10 miles we had 30 plus winds with gusts to 40. Guess we should have waited another day. For the next 30 miles we would go around a point and get hit with the strong winds. After a few miles it would go calm until the next point.  We arrived in Ensenada looking a bit salt encrusted, water over the bow for an hour then dry for an hour, Repeat ! Repeat!  We really love it here in Ensenada and will stay until Saturday morning . The Baja 1000 starts here tomorrow so the town is full and in party mood. Should be a fun couple days.

Sunrise leaving San Diego
39 Knots !


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