Our 2022-23 cruising season begins

Finally on the hook !

We left Paradise marina December 11th, having the family fly down to Manzanillo on the 19th didn’t give us much time to shake down, wait for weather window and get to Barra to pick them up. Spent a couple nights in the La Cruz anchorage before heading south to our first stop at Caleta Tehuamixtle, Also known as Punta Ipala. We like to stop there to break up the overnighter to Bahia Chamala. It is a very small village and a weekend destination for locals, also an excellent meal can be had at Candy’s Mariscos restaurant. Early the next morning we leave for Bahia Chamala and were able to anchor behind Isla Pajarera for the first time since 1996. It is a small anchorage and always occupied. After 2 awesome days being the only boat in the bay we head south again to our favorite anchorage in this part of the coast, Tenacatita. We spend a couple days relaxing and preparing the boat for Lindsey, Dylan and our grandson Sebastian.

We make it into the lagoon in Barra on the 18th, rent Panchos car and retrieve Lindsey, Sebastian and Dylan from Manzanillo Airport. The next day we head back to Tenacatita, a 2 hour sail. Coming into the bay we hook a nice Bull Dorado, Mahi Mahi. Fish tacos and ceviche aplenty.

We spent Thanksgiving in Tenacatita, swam in 85′ water, walked the beach then went to La Vena Palapa for a meal. Most of the time we spent soaking in the cool water. It has been in the low 90s and humid. We decided to go to Cuastecomate for a couple days A short hour sail south. Known as the secret anchorage because its been somewhat overlooked by most of the cruisers in the past. Not so much overlooked anymore. We enjoyed lunch on the beach, Sebby and Jill got tattoos.It was a fun day off the boat. The water in the cove was a crystal clear turquoise perfect for snorkeling at 85 degrees in 12 feet of water.

We spent the last few days of their visit in Marina de Navidad, spending time enjoying the Grand Bay Resorts pools, restaurants, etc. But the best part of being in Barra de Navidad is the village itself. A short water taxi ride from the resort is the quisinquental waterfront mexican village. Great food in a variety of restaurants, from street tacos to fine dining . In the evening there is music playing from most of them. It was a great visit and we will miss not having them with us for Christmas. But we did get to decorate the Christmas tree before they flew home.


  1. Oh so wonderful. Thanks so much for posting your family goodness I live vicariously thru you for the water cruising. Love to you both and Felix Navidad!!🌲🌲


  2. Glad to see you’re still out there enjoying the life, we’re missing our fellow Maple Leaf friends… John & Susan (formerly) Love Song now Chacala


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