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Being in a slip at Paradise Marina for 5 months this summer allowed us to prepare Namahana for the next year of cruising. At anchor is where we enjoy our lifestyle the most, but our ability to render repairs is limited to what we have onboard. This being our 5th season, we have the summer “boat project” routine down. You have to be proactive in the maintenance, repairs and upgrades. But it is impossible to foresee the next challenge she will throw at us.

2022 started out with the Turbo seal failing. Next the anchor windlass decided to come apart. The impeller on the Main also failed this year, and the spare impeller was not the right size. The main circuit board on the Norcold refer didn’t like the Mexico weather and also failed. Replaced the alternator etc etc etc. All the AC units, refrigerators and ice maker needed servicing, or repairing. Of course last week in testing the windlass we found another issue, it is in the shop for repairs so our November 1 departure is delayed. We have done the last of costco and supermarket shopping. A quick trip to Home Depot and Auto zone. We are ready to get moving. We left the Honda Pilot with Chris “Wish List” to use until we need it again. He has a place in San Pancho with parking, so the car won’t sit unused for the months we don’t use it.


We met a large group of fellow cruisers this summer, made many new like minded friends. Water aerobics, Pot lucks, Game nights . we were busy

Marcy the Mermaid was left on Namahana in Barra in May, with this note attached .


I am Marcy Mermaid

And I live in Mexico. I travel on sailboats and love

meeting new cruisers!

Love and care for me, and pass me secretly on. 

Write your boat name on the back!

I started from the Osborns in Carlsbad, Ca

We passed her on, on Halloween night to a Catamaran kid boat ! Hope they enjoy her company, We did.

One comment

  1. Well well well enjoy your cursing season😘 we are starting our first winter season in a few years.
    -8 C or for you guys 15 F lol. And the snow in coming today 15-29 c or 10 “ of snow.
    I loved your mermaid what a wonderful idea.
    We are looking for a house/ dog sitter and if we find one, we will be heading down to Barra. Hope to catch up with a few of the sailors of the sea. Where ever the wind / seas take you safe travels.
    Miss you guys 🥰⛵️


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