All the prep and planning has paid off . We depart Redondo , 11am as planned. Although mother nature “as usual” had her way with us. The last week has been clear skies and warm mornings. Today the  “Namahana Grey” curse reared its head  We removed Namahana’s grey stripe 15 years ago to get rid of the grey jinx. Oh well !  The sendoff was great ,So many of our friends came out to see us off, Bitter sweet feelings for us all. Unfortunately the fog made Joe and Lynn unable to follow us over ,No Radar. And they would have needed it . Dylan was riding over to help them so Dave and Lala to the rescue. They ran Dylan out to the R10 buoy in their Grady White, Thank you  guys, Our boys are with us only for a couple of days in Catalina and we needed to have Dylan with us. We will be here on the island for a few days then off to Dana Point. Thanks to everyone who came to send us off



  1. Hey there Sailors! Good luck and have fun!! Great seeing you my brother..will catch up in person along your journey. Tim Scaglione


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