Final week before we set off on our journey

We are in the midst of provisioning Namahana for departure a week from today. November 4 2018. I now know why it is necessary to set a date to leave and go. Otherwise there is always one more thing to do, one more cubby hole to fill with the thing you can’t go without . You can Never be 100% done getting a boat ready to cruise. Whatever we cant think of ,or don’t get to before our day will have to be done on the move. We are excited to get going and sad to leave our friends and family , But looking forward to visits IMG_3048

Zach gave us a awesome Bon Voyage party at KHYC


Stocking  up on staples


We worked with our Doctor and Jill put together this med box


Jill revamped the guest cabin making it  ready for visitors


  1. Well that time went fast. Glad to hear your about to depart. We can relate. 😃 Skip Mexico and go straight to the Marquesas. You’ll be in French Polynesia in less than a month. Now that’s Paradise. Once you get started it’s fun to circumnavigate!
    Most importantly relax and have fun!


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