5843.jpgHer Story

We named our “new”boat  NAMAHANA in 1992 . A 1980  Cooper Yachts Maple leaf. I had just closed the selling of “Here’s The Deal” My Islander Freeport 41 and needed a replacement , Our plan was to get a larger boat and someday do it . Go Cruising. In 1995-96 we had a taste of the lifestyle we were dreaming about. Dylan just turned one, I was 40 and took a 6 month break from running Classic Motors. 23 years later and 2 years of preparing the boat and ourselves we are “doing it”, So much has changed for us  in those years but the desire to realize this journey together is as strong as it was when we set out to buy the Namahana. She is better than ever. Ready to take us anywhere.


  1. So excited to follow your journey! Looking forward to your posts and photos! Safe travels!
    Love Carol 💖⛵️⚓️


  2. John and Susan from Love Song send along our congratulations. We met you in 1995 in our Maple Leaf 50 traveling the Baja. We’re still sailing in the PNW in our new boat Chacala. Keep in touch!!


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