Almost there 2 months and counting down

d90 test 003.JPGWe have started a web blog and will be posting our updates and adventures there as well as some on Facebook, just beginning to formulate approximate dates and places we are expecting to visit on our first short leg of this journey,From Redondo Beach to San Jose Del Cabo, The forward cabin is available for joining us on this run down the Pacific Coast of Baja if you would like to join us let us know We have sailed the coast down twice and enjoyed every minute,
The week of November 5th -9th we will depart Redondo, We will spend a few days in Cherry cove Then head to San Diego somewhere between the 8th and 12th, Leaving for Mexico on the 15th, Most likely we will stay at Coral Marina for a few days checking in to Mexico etc, and weather permitting leave Ensenada sometime before Thanksgiving Nov 22. We will probably take 7 to 10 day to get to San Jose Del Cabo There are so many awesome places on the Pacific Coast to go that we will be taking our time, Putting us there the first week of December ,
This is a loose I hesitate to use the word “schedule” because we are not really on one, We want to be able to share this adventure with our friends and family so other than Weather restraints our dates are Approximate, so come join us some where along the way,
Smooth Seas

Jill and Curt

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